Stillwater's motto is "Relax and enjoy the view!"

In this we mean to say. Why bother with window cleaning when you can hire a professional with a streak-free guarentee and in just a couple hours and a couple hundred dollars you can have perfectly clean windows.  You will then have more time to do other things. Like say more time with your family and friends and enjoying God's country, perhaps. No one likes cleaning windows with windex and paper towels spending hours rubbing out the streaks, climbing ladders. So relax we got this. Painting? Staining a deck or beam work? Want to re-paint your entire house inside and out, doors, trim, and anything else? Relax we got this. Or maybe  your house just needs a bath, and exterior windows cleaned. Relax we got this. We do all that and so much more. At Stillwater we just really want to help people, and customers with whatever we can. With our Montana personalities and integrity always in mind!

Please give us a call right now to schedule a free estimate. John always answers his phone. If he doesn't it probably means he is on top of a 32' ladder with a squeege, or paint brush in one hand and hanging on for dear life with the other hand. Or he might be high up in the mountains  with no cell-reception knee-deep in the a river trying to untangle his fly line from a bush, cursing the fish for not biting his hook. Either way John is always excited to talk with you about your project so please do not be shy, leave a message with your name and number. You can also get on our e-mail list for exciting offers throughout the year!

With all of that being said we will also be providing links for the do it yourselfers, and the I am going to do it my damn selfers, and the git er doners. This website will be chaulk full of videos and links from starting your own business, to how to videos of all kinds of good stuff, like painting, and window cleaning like a pro. There will be links to buy the same supplies we use. Also stayed tuned and come back often because John is starting to talk about making his own videos of the work we do, and even video of his MT adventures. Until then feel free to browse our sponsor links page for money saving deals!

We look forward to serving the people of MT, and Helping people around the world figuring out a solution for their projects, and always remember to just...


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